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  • Clare

Life is all about perspectives. How we view an item or subject. Take a dandelion – always treated as a weed, but if you look closely and consider it’s medicinal merits, it’s nourishing bee pollen or it’s architectural structure and suddenly it’s no longer something to be removed from the garden but a life giving resource.

The same goes for anyone on the autism spectrum. It’s all well and done hash tagging autism awareness (I’ve done it myself) but is that then saying ‘notice me, I’m different’? Shouldn’t it be more ‘autism acceptance’. Yes they may or may not have the social or language skills as someone not on the spectrum, but does that make them any less. Absolutely not!
My daughter has high functioning autism and has the kindest heart, be it with close friends or total strangers. She can and will forgive easily (something we can all learn from). Labelling a child with non-verbal autism implies, he or she cannot communicate their own thoughts and feelings, however it’s us who need to learn their language. Providing them with the right seeds & support to grow.

So let’s stop judging and start looking for the beauty, embracing our differences, and see, how different is not less

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