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Its time to clean of a mason bee house (paper nesting tubes)

  1. Gently open up the paper nesting tubes to reveal the mason bee cocoons. Uses scissors if necessary.
  2. Remove the nesting houses from the wall and clean thoroughly. Once dry store in a cool dark place ready for March
  3. Gently using your fingers, remove the cocoons and place on 2 seperate paper towels. One for the male cocoons and one for the female. Each tube will reveal multiple cocoons The male cocoons will be at the front and the female cocoons at the back. The ends will be capped with mud. Dont worry if yo find some tubes that do not have cocoons, or full of mud. That is normal and may be a result of too much moisture.
  4. Mix water and bleach together at a ratio of 1/10 for bleach and water respectively (max 10% bleach). Ensuring thoroughly mixed.
  5. Place the cocoons one by one in the water and gently clean and then air dry on dry paper towel.
  6. Place bees in a lidded container, covered with wet paper towel and store in a cold dark place (a fridge is ideal, if your allowed hehe)
  7. Store until March when the cocoons can be placed in your cocoon box (ideally protected underneath the mason bee housing on the wall)

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